Sweater weather.

The weather’s changing, thankfully. It’s sweater weather… my favourite time of year. I like jeans and sweaters and scarves and long coats.  I like hats and mitts. I like biking in the cool air.  It’s strange how quickly the weather’s seemed to transition. Of course, it’s more likely that September was such a horrible month for me that it was easy to stay introverted and not pay much attention to what was going on outdoors. I still miss Niko. I wish he was still with me, sharing my blankets, keeping eachother warm.

I’ve turned on the heat in the house for the first time yesterday. In my attempt to be eco-concious and frugal, I’ve tried to hold off on that for as long as I could. But unless I stayed immobile under my throw blankets in front of the TV, it was pointless. I was too cold to do anything meaningful, and I do have a lot to do.  There are more unexpected reasons now lately to be frugal, so now more than ever I have to be concious about what I’m spending and where my money is going.  Economic problems affects as all, particularly those in the video game industry, unfortunately.

Tonight, I plan to have frozen snacks for dinner, do a bit of reading and unenthusiastically watch the U.S. presidential debates, waving my invisible Obama/Biden flag.  In light of past events, I’m not feeling particularly optimistic.

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