the new boyfriend

I think the best thing that's come out of this situation (aside from me being alive), is finding out that someone loves you and wants to be there for you. He's stayed with me every single night at the hospital for hours on end, even when I was asleep. When you think of that kind of devotion and support, what else can you do but be eternally grateful and happy for those memories, even though those memories were tempered with some suckage. I went through a lot at the hospital; there was a lot of discomfort, and a lot of me feeling less than dignified. He stayed through it all and held my hand, telling me that he loves me. I have been in love with him for a while… this is what you do when you find a guy who's as caring, as sweet and as wonderful as he is and it's nice to have it reciprocated. I plan to hold on to this man for as long as I can.

I once said that i didn't mind being single and independent. Well as we all know, the unexpected comes up and a friend suddenly becomes a lover and then something more special than that.

Hell yes, I'm in love. :)

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