The pact!

The thing that sucks for me about going to the gym is the part where I have to actually get there. The YMCA is a fifteen minute walk away from my house. There's a little mall with a big grocery store and a Starbuck's that I have to walk through. If I take my bike, the travel time is even less. There's a bus that stops right in front of the Y that will take me right downtown and straight to work if I needed it.

So the trip in itself full of a lot of nice conveniences. I just can't seem to get out of bed. Grab my gym clothes and a towel. Get to the bloody gym. It seems to me that's the hardest part of the entire thing. Once I'm there, things go by smoothly. I love working out. I love the activity, getting the blood moving, working my muscles and all that fun stuff. You'd think the hard part is over, however…

In a particularly lovely moment of brilliance, I went to take a shower after my workout, and snapped my locker shut.. Of course, I left my padlock keys in the locker. I only realized this as I returned to the locker to get dressed. Dripping wet, wrapped in a towel, I had a brief period of panic where I realized what the fuck was I supposed to do if I couldn't get my stuff out of that locker. My wallet, my cell phone, my bike helmet.. my house keys were all in there. Of course the old lady regulars who were around assured me this happens all; the time and that I shouldn't feel too bad. One volunteered to go to the front desk and ask the staff to come by with their big ass bolt cutters to cut the lock off.

Someone came around about 5 minutes later and with a snap the lock was cut. My padlock keys were attached to my YMCA membership card, sitting right on the top shelf. It was an embarassing few minutes, sitting there waiting with a towel around me, but it wasn't the most difficult thing I've had to endure at a gym. Getting out of bed and getting to the gym may still be at the top of the list in that regard.

I'm going to do this again tomorrow. I plan on seeing results in the next month or so. If I could keep it up.

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