The Year of the Ox

So earlier on in the season, I challenged Old Man Winter to basically “bring it”. And he did, and now I’m like, okay, lol, point taken.  Essentially I think SAD has done a number on me this year. I am prone to it, but not in an awful way that makes me think dark, dank thoughts of death and suicide and create morbid works of art. Though I think the latter would be a big improvement over doing nothing productive.

I’ve been cold. I walk half an hour each way to work and home in temperatures that have been lately -15°c (or 5°F, whatever works for you). I go home and keep the thermostat about 65-68° to save on energy bills and just bundle up in sweaters and track pants. I keep the blinds shut to help insulate the windows from the cold. So you can see how weeks of this has been getting to me.

On Sunday was the Chinese New Year. This year we will be celebrating the year of the Ox, which incidentally is my year. Apparently it’s Barack Obama’s year too, so it’s interesting for some that he begins his presidency in 2009. In any case, I hope the Ox, and Obama, and every other cosmic force, brings good stuff for me this year. Despite the SAD, I’m sort of feeling good about it.

2 thoughts on “The Year of the Ox

  1. I’ve heard about the sunset deal, but of course, I’ve never given it too much thought. I’m never out at that time. :(

    The lowly Smuffles gives good advice.

  2. In the opinion of the lowly Smuffles, sunset is the most important and disconcerting part. Oddly, seasonal angst seems to affect tlS more around November and February than around Christmas when it is darker. TlS hypothesizes that the cause is the extended gloomy post-sun twilight rather than actual absence of sun.

    The advice of tlS is: for sunny days, to be outdoors for a time before the sun disappears, as soon before as possible. Get some sun in the eyes. If not possible, lighting candles and/or fires for the duration of the dimming unto darkness seems to help a great deal. TlS meekly suggests that fires should be contained within an appropriate vessel such as a hearth.

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