They do not speak for me.

Subtitle: PETA can kiss my ass.

I’m so embarrassed about the way PETA has decided to use the Tim McLean murder as a tasteless PR opportunity. I know this isn’t the first time they’ve done this. In fact, there’s a lot about PETA’s PR that I find extremely questionable, distasteful or downright awful and I wonder at times if it’s really educating people about animal rights, or just turning them off of the issues completely.  From my point of view, it looks like the only people they tend to appeal to are the trendy and ignorant zealots.

I find it incredibly sad how people treat non-humans, particularly the ones that are raised to nourish them.  The main reason I am a vegetarian is that because there is such a lack of respect towards the creatures that we breed and raise to feed us.  However, that sense of respect I bestow to the animals of this world, I also have for humanity as a whole.  Being a vegetarian does not exclude me from being a humanitarian as well.  And you just don’t jump on tragedies to advertise your own personal cause, whatever it may be. PETA is no better than the Westboro Baptist Ministry that take their religious zealotry to new heights.  And this is why people, including myself, think PETA is a big joke and do more harm than good to the Animal Rights cause.

I would never say, stop trying to change the world. But I believe there are ways to make your point heard without resorting to extremism, zealotry and irresponsible tactics.

Update: I visited my two favourite vegan sites and visited the forums to see what fellow veggies had to say about this latest stunt. I’m pleased to say that I am not the only vegetarian that thinks this way.

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