This is where i get to breathe

I’ve felt like I’ve been out of it forever, when really I just haven’t posted anything to my journal for about a week, a little more. It started when a coworker friend and I were talking about how the city we live in doesn’t offer much for her, a bored, single and urban-minded girl, and despite what the lifers think about this place, she has a point. Where do young, single, urban professionals go around here for a good time? They drive to Toronto, is what they do.

Anyway, we concluded that we had to have a get together. And since both of us liked to cook, this get together must involve food. And since she wanted to try other people’s cookings, we decided to have a pot luck. And since she already hosted a martini party and soon afterward, my birthday party at her place, I thought I’d offer up my place. Which set me into early spring cleaning mode. Me and the ex had nifty parties all the time at our old place. Well… we weren’t die hard party people, but we had more get togethers than the average people. I hadn’t hosted anything much since two years ago, the only party I’ve had here and that was for my birthday.

The boyfriend has slowly been moving stuff out, which helped me to clean up and organize the place better. I started with an actual printed schedule (ok, it was online, i don’t keep things on paper if i can help it). This schedule was a day by day plan of rooms to tackle. Of course, I didn’t take into account that I suddenly became inundated with more work at the office which would keep me there a few hours late into the night. I’d get home, just tired and lazy that I’d hold off on the house work until later. This would push my plans back further along into the week.

Earlier in the month, I went to Chapters with the idea of using a book card that the boyfriend’s Mom had given me for Christmas. I was after a particular cook book, but after not being able to find it there, I decided to pick up a book on Feng Shui (Feng Shui Your Life) just because I thought I’d like to look into it. This book was appealing to me because I think it said somewhere in the introduction that I didn’t need to do any extensive renovations or anything to my house to appease the vengeful house gods. If anything it was practical with advice such as “Clean up your house! Get rid of the clutter! Flowers are pretty! Keep the toilet lid down!” Ingenious.

Still I bought it, read it, and as I was doing my cleaning kept it in mind. Especially when it came time to start purging, where I had to ask myself, wtf was I keeping this old whatever for. I haven’t seen it in two years. I haven’t remembered it’s presence in two years. I hadn’t needed it in two years. Yet, the pack rat in me keeps thinking “Wait. I can use that.” No I can’t. Before I thought of it further, it was in the trash. I sent 1 bag of recyclable materials and 1 bag of pure trash to the curb that way.

In addition to the purging, I did a lot of reorganizing. I had digital photos printed out and framed in simple black frames I got at Walmart about a year or so ago, that only the other day did I actually get around to hanging. I’m happy with the results.

I had Friday off, so it gave me time to catch up. With getting my grocery shopping done, vacuuming, dusting, laundry, dishes, making stuff organized, making my house “lounge style”, I had an exhausting day, and I swear I was working right up until the minute the party was scheduled to start. Thank god my guests were fashionably late.

The party itself was really cool. It was mellow, with drinks, yummy food and conversation. I got some nice compliments on my Green Tea walls (it was the name of the paint colour). The boy hates it, I love it and I was basking in the fact that people agreed with me all night. I like getting a little bit of assurance on my choices. I even managed to find something decent to wear. I think I was the last person I was thinking of throughout the entire process.

I was literally hurting over the weekend. I guess doing all that running around back and forth to the grocery store (three trips and I don’t have a car!), carrying boxes up and down the stairs, rearranging furniture and what not is near equivalent to an hour or so of strenuous working out at the gym, because that’s how I felt. The boyfriend was also pretty sick that weekend too, so it was easy to just stay in bed, watching TV all day.

It’s still been pretty busy at work this week, but I think it’s calming down a bit now. That means I actually get to come home early, and enjoy the extra hour of daylight that’s fucked up my sleeping schedule (thanks daylight savings times!) And I also get to be on the computer and blog a bit. Hence the long post as I write from the couch, lying on my side. Yeah, it’s a bit of an uncomfortable position.

Now for treats, and television and a long night of absolutely nothing to do (after I clean the litter box though, blah!)

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