I didn't play WoW tonight, instead I did fun stuff like housework.  Exciting, yes I know. There's a list of things I'd like to do, but at least I got some of it out of the way. I've been whittling away at errands all week. I got my dining room tidied up, vacuumed and dusted so there's an accomplishment right there.

I have attempted to overripen bananas to make banana bread over the course of a week. Unfortunately, this attempt failed. It must have been the warm weather, or more likely, the small infestation of fruit flies that have occured around the banana. There was a sour, rotten smell in my dining room, which at first I thought came from my wine fruit fly trap. However, after dumping the wine, the smell was still there, strong and pungent. I unwrapped the bananas from underneath the dish cloth…

Anyway, let's not get into the details. Essentially, the bananas are gone, in my green bin. I even threw the old wooden fruit bowl in the trash.  The dish cloth, i threw in the wash. 

My limbs are pretty sore right now. :p  Tomorrow morning, back to the gym, and then the rest of Friday. Wheeeee…..

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