Today being Holy Thursday of 2009, and I am once again writing in this blog. In all honesty, things have been pretty inane around here, but hopefully I’m coming out of a funk. Despite a bit of snow earlier this week, the weather is getting nicer. I’m regularly cycling to work on my trusty red faithful, and my crocuses have bloomed and died.  I like spring, but sometimes I hate it, particularly when it rains.

We got the rest of the day off from work because apparently construction around the neighbourhood left us with no running water today. No toilets, no server cooling, no coffee, might as well send the kids home. I finished up whatever work I had to do and then went to the mall and proceeded to buy about $200 worth of clothes, then groceries, and then I came back home. I’m now writing this blog procrastinating because I have a window sill to paint and I’ve held off on that for far too long.

I think that’s another reason why I haven’t updated this blog in a while, except to complain about my site being hacked.  I’ve been blissfully lazy. I’ve also been playing far too much of The Sims 2, even squeezing into the online community.  It’s actually pretty embarassing how much time i’ve spent building virtual houses and dressing up little pixel dollies. But that’s the way I am, easily addicted to the things that I love.

One more Ferroro Rocher candy to go, and I’ll decide if I want to sit here in front of the computer for the rest of the afternoon or do something more productive.  I really hate painting though.

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