Tomato sauce

Obviously because of everything that’s happened lately, I haven’t been in the mood to tend to my garden, and that included picking any tomatoes. However, it’s always been on my mind. I didn’t spend so much energy growing those tomatoes just to have them rot on the vine, or food for skunks and racoons. I had a bunch I gathered before the weekend that wouldn’t last much longer, so I made pasta sauce out of it. I had some of it for dinner tonight with sauteed portobello mushrooms and rotini pasta. I’m happy to say it turned out delicious. It’s the first time I actually cooked anything nice from scratch since I lost Niko, so maybe I’m on the mend, I don’t know. Food lately only served to keep me awake and alive so it hasn’t exactly been the most healthy. But I didn’t want to waste my tomatoes. I’d probably eventually feel miserable about that too.

2 thoughts on “Tomato sauce

  1. Yeah, i’ve decided that I’m not so great at gardening. But having fresh food at the end of the season was really nice. And the pasta sauce was really good, much better than grocery store jar sauce. I haven’t canned anything since all that jam. I don’t think I have a big enough tomato harvest to bother with the canning so I think I’ll just be making pasta sauce and freezing it for later. And canning really isn’t all that scary. Just a lot of prep work, but it’s easy and fun and preserving your own food is such a bonus too. :)

  2. Sounds deelish! I haven’t made sauce in a while, this year’s garden stunk due to my innatentivity. I am going to try a few black cherry tomatoes shortly!
    Are you still canning? I’m itching to try but scared. Once the kitchen is redone.

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