Upgrade complete… that sucked

I found out today that my site was “compromised”. That’s right, it’s been fucking hacked. Excuse the swear words.

Well, essentially I ignored my webhost’s warning that I should get off my ass and upgrade WordPress. Today, I checked my site stats, as I tend to do every other week or so, and found a whole bunch of spam pages coming off of MY domain. So I shut those files down and as soon as I got home, I pretty much took a chainsaw to my entire site. No delicate surgery here. I removed everything that I’ve stored on this domain since 2000, backed up my blog, installed WordPress, re-imported my posts, comments, etc.

Seriously, that was really lame. I hate spammers and I really didn’t like my site being hacked.

So anyway, I did a small graphical change to my site. I’ll probably make more improvements in the next few days, but right now I’m sleepy and I want to drink tea before I go to bed.

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