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I’m not exactly qualified to provide a proper review of my new Sony Vaio NS notebook. All I can comment on is the ergonomics of it, and to that, I’m pleased. The touchpad mouse buttons clack a bit loudly. The keyboard itself seems solid and comfortable. I’m not even minding the “fabric like texture” so much because I’m digging on having a white notebook.  I’ve traipsed around Toronto with it in my backpack, and I didn’t feel too encumbered at all.   The battery life with the included standard battery is sort of disappointing. I get about two hours on “Power Savings” setting, with WiFi on.

And this is also my first time using Vista. I was  okay with XP, and I’m still getting used to this. I’m not sure if I’ve found any of the new features useful or anything, and the interface is just pretty, but pointless. I guess I prefer what’s familiar and what’s simple (The Mac O/S interface didn’t impress me much either. Don’t tell the boyfriend i said that).

I have been having fun customizing my desktop.

Mmmm. Clean.

The desktop wallpaper “Africa” is by Evilhomer145 from DeviantArt. The icons are from the Bright Icon Suite by Klen70.

This is a neat project of mine. A bunch of us at work (ok, mostly of the female variety), have started a knitting club. I’m making a scarf (yay for simple!) and got it into my head to make a laptop sleeve. It’s coming along… I’m out of yarn though.

And why yes, I did post a picture of my Vaio with a bowl of kimchi ramen.

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