Voluntary Darkness

Last night I left the oven on. All night. I’m lucky I didn’t burn down the house.

Aside from the obvious dangers of leaving the oven on all night, it was such a waste of electricity. I think I’ve been pretty good about conserving electricity, though I wish my house was better insulated so I didn’t have to rely on space heaters on days when the cold is just a little too unbearable. So I decided to do some penance about the oven situation. For at least tonight, I will use very little electricity. I’ll make dinner, and I’ll have my laptop on, but other than that, no lights, no electric heaters, no television, nothing. I know it’s not exactly fair to still use the obvious conveniences, and I’m not even sure having a night without electric lights is equal to having the oven on all night in terms of wattage, but in any case, it’s a weird little experiment I’m interested in trying.

Earth hour starts early around here.


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