I came home and voted. I stood at the ballot for a few minutes while I had a last minute crisis of conscience about who to vote for.  Without going too much into it, there were policies that my Liberal MP incumbent supported… or rather didn’t support… that went against my moral principles which is why I voted for NDP during the last federal election. Today, I kept going back and forth about voting with my conviction, which would sort have been towards the Green party this time around, or voting strategically against Harper.  I chose the latter, but in doing so, I felt a little ill about it.  I comfort myself a little by reminding myself that I do agree a lot with the liberal platform. It’s just this guy, I didn’t really want to re-hire.

The policy in question is done and over with, I hope. Ironically, Stephen Harper himself put an end to that, which satisfied me to some extent.  So this time around, it’s all about the economy and climate issues.   Let’s hope that the worst we get is a Conservative minority, again.

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