Waiting for the New Year

Good afternoon all.

My livejournal account expired. I'm currently debating whether to pay into it again or just continue as I am. As of now, I do not know what I'm going to do about my internet presence. I mean, I want one, but I'm not sure whether I should keep my BD blog or head on elsewhere.

My holidays were pretty uneventful. Except I was more in the mood to spend a lot of time by myself and just fix up my house in preparation for the New Year. I want everything to be perfect, and I wanted to be completely relaxed. I needed my Christmas vacation to “reset”. However, I found the first weekend in that it was far too easy to be lazy and just hang out in WoW rather than starting the big holiday clean up. I got stuff done eventually, but it took a short internet outtage for that to happen.

I eventually decided to visit the family. I tried to be a saint to their constant problems, but I don't know if I helped the matter much. Lack of planning and constant dysfunctionalism had hindered the completion of a kitchen renovation and it's gone on for far too long. I think by trying to be more involved, some things might happen, but we'll see how that goes.

There's a lot of things about myself I've found unpleasant in the past few months. I've laid the blame on inertia but I can only do that for so long. I'm just waiting for things to move forward, and I think this year will be very interesting for that.

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