Waiting for the season :p

I was watching the news last week where various people in bikini tops and shorts were being interviewed along Ashbridges Bay in Toronto and asked if they were worried about the warm weather so late in October. Several people replied, no, they love it, they hoped it always stayed this warm. Too which I'd shake my head and wonder if maybe, just maybe humanity isn't meant to survive itself and if I should just give up now and join in the blissful ignorance. Even if the warm October wasn't a part of the global warming trend, I think people should really think about it and not jump on the “What's so bad about Global Warming if there is never winter in Canada” nonsense.

I'm not exactly sure how i'm starting on a global warming shpiel now. The weather is nice and cool and appropriate. I wish there were a lot more brightly coloured fall leaves on my block, but I'll deal with whatever happens I suppose. Maybe my heating bill won't be as high.

Anyway fun point form thingy:

– I had my first ever Hallowe'en party at my house last weekend. I'll let the pictures tell the story: Pictures via Facebook!

– I carved pumpkins… but forgot to take pictures. I will when I get home. But this time, I managed to harvest the seeds, salt them and roast them correctly so I can have tasty pepitas snacks. Last year, all i succeeded in doing was burning them. :p

– last night, was the Coheed and Cambria show. My boy has had a history of missing them in concert for years now. This time he got the tickets and we were there bright and early. I don't think he enjoyed the venue much (it was at Koolhaus), but their performance was awesome. And I'm happy they played most of my favourite songs so I'm totally pleased. I took two days off to prepare and recover to see this show, and now I'm just chilling at the boy's pad in the sky.

– me and the boy are officially not pleased with the progression of Heroes but I guess we'll see how that goes. At least we get to watch it together.

– yay for days off!

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