Way too cold

It’s just way too cold outside. I rushed to get to work this morning and didn’t bundle up as warmly as I could have. I was worried about hypothermia on my walk back home.

I’m home now, continuing on with the lights out experiment, though I did turn on the lights to make dinner and clean up the kitty litter. However, it’s way too cold to do much else. I’m fucking freezing. And it doesn’t help that I’m personally running on very little energy today. So I turned on the gas fireplace and am currently huddled under two throw blankets. I’m about to use kitty as another source of warmth.

Now the opposite of too fucking cold is too fucking hot. I really feel bad about the Queen St. fires, and all the people it left homeless in this awful weather. I feel bad about the firefighters who had to stand in the cold to take care of it. I really hope that this was an unforeseeable accident and not arson. Queen West was my old play ground (fond memories of happy, fun times at the Reverb, and Savage Garden) and it’s sad to think that it won’t ever be the same again.

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