What I did on my vacation

So two weeks ago, I went on vacation. If you’ve noticed the lack of updates in that time period, it’s not because I was actually busy or went anywhere fun and exotic. It’s basically because there’s nothing to report. I took care of a few projects that needed to be done. I’ve officially taken up knitting/crocheting as a hobby. I finished a hat, a scarf and a cellphone case.  And that’s just about it.  I know, exciting huh?

In that time, I’ve also officially entered my mid-thirties. While birthdays don’t mean much to me, being 35 feels a little different. I do feel older now. More adult.  Time from now on, will be more significant, I think.  I’m not sure if I feel depressed or happy about it yet. Maybe I’ll just go with whatever I’m feeling right now.

More updates later. But don’t hold your breath.

If you want content, how about a story of a guy and a panda. Seriously, who here never thinks about hugging a cuddly looking panda bear?

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