Why I love taking the bus.

I took a seat on the bus last night, and a while little bored waiting for it to go, I sent an adorable little girlfriend-ish text message to the boyfriend, something cutesy-wootsy and mushy I’m sure (yeah I’m girl enough to admit that I do that). At about the same time, a fat gangster wannabe kid behind me pulls out his cell phone and starts talking loudly. I remember this guy while waiting for the bus at the station. I was trying to look outside to see if my bus was coming in, and in doing so I had to look past his scraggly, pasty friend with a pathetic teenage moustache. This winner thought I was looking at him and gives me a “WTF you looking at bitch” kind of look, which I thought was kinda funny.

The fat kid gets on my bus. His conversation went kind of like:

“Yo. Can i come over? You got stuff for me. Oh, I understand. But you doing well right? What’s your new cell phone. 289… ### … F A T T ?? Yeah, that’s the phone you found right? John got a new cell phone. Yeah, he jumped some kid for it. He’s crashing at Amanda’s place. He got Amanda pregnant. Yeah, fucked up. Haha, you love Amanda don’t you. I saw Vince the other day. Yeah, Vince wants to beat you up. Just kidding. No you can’t come over, my mom’s pretty sick… ”

Though this isn’t typical of my usual trips home, once in a while something happens which makes me honestly think that stupid people should really, really stop having kids.

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