I think I might be a voyeur. But not in the way we like to think. I'm really not so interested in seeing the kinky things that people do as I am in the normal way they live. I'm interested in the mundaneness of every day life. I'm interested in looking through lit windows at night to see how people live, how they've arranged the furniture, what they're watching on T.V. I think this is why I get a kick out of seeing show-and-tell pictures of other people's homes, and why I prefer simple personal blogs like those in livejournal. Apartment Therapy has become one of my favourite sites to hang out at lately just for this reason.

I'm more intrigued by normal people like myself. Rich people in fantastic, big mansions, living fast-paced celebrity lifestyles are boring. As much as I dig eclectic artsy lofts and avant garde architectural design, I still can't relate to that as much as I can to those who live in simple apartments with Ikea furniture. I'm curious about people in my age demographic and the homes they live in. And I'm not quite embarassed by it, I think most people are curious too, otherwise they wouldn't be reading this.

I'm not sure if it's because it relates to my interests in home decorating, art and design or if there's more to it. At the least I don't think i'm weird and creepy, at least not yet.

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