WordPress upgrade in progress /cry

Dreamhost is requiring that I do an upgrade of my WordPress software. /Sigh.

I’m going to have to do this manually and I HATE using the technical side of my brain.

I also upgraded my desktop with a better graphics card and an extra gb of RAM. I feel all nerdy and proud of myself. So now, just in case i fuck up, I’m spending time backing everything up right now.

So in case this site goes down, or looks like ass, go check my Twitter.

2 thoughts on “WordPress upgrade in progress /cry

  1. No i apologize. If I ignored you at starbucks for whatever reason it’s because i’m in my own world half the time and don’t really pay attention to anything or much else to anyone. I’m lame like that.

  2. The Smuffles apologizes for everything on behalf of everyone and will affect to not notice the Pamela at the Starbucks anymore just in case there’s something weird about a fictional character referring to itself in the third person manifesting in the real world as a creepy smelly writing guy. The Smuffles is hardcore fictional only from now on.

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