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Ok, I’ll admit, the kitchen isn’t the most awful kitchens I’ve ever been in, but it’s pretty bad. It has these ugly cabinet door styles that you’d find in apartments refurnished in the 80’s. The counter is looking pretty rough. I don’t know what the point was of including a plate rail. The doors were sloppily painted. Some are crooked. One door is cracked from water damage (my fault!). Relative to the rest of the house, the kitchen is pretty tiny. About 70sqft, I think. I bought the house for the location (not even a 10 minute walk to the mall with a grocery store, Future Shop and a Starbucks/Chapters, and half an hour away from work), for the balconey, for the rustic wooden floor, and of course for the price. The price point was perfect, despite the fact that I knew going into it that it would be a “fixer upper”. There were two things that didn’t concern me at all… the yard and the kitchen.

I bought the house in winter, so that was obvious that I didn’t really care about the yard. There were these rickety wooden stairs that led from the back door in the kitchen (which was an addition on the house) to these dirty concrete slabs that were supposed to be the patio. My Dad’s since built a nice deck, and a shed out there, and I’ve planted cone flowers, daisies, ferns and lavendar. I’ve tried the green thumb out and though I suck at gardening, I admit I’ve had a lot of fun since (when things were working out that is), but back then I didn’t care.

Now the kitchen, as I said, was in an addition. It’s small and back then, I didn’t care. After all, I ate out a lot or ordered dinner in.  Nowadays I appreciate the value of space, storage and aesthetics. Hence my current dillemma.

We took down a cabinet in the corner that was nearly falling off. That was about two years ago, and I haven’t fixed the wall since. My dad’s been helping me with a lot of the repairs around the house, but he lives in a different city and his time is limited so he hasn’t gotten around to it. But that doesn’t excuse me from doing the necessary fixes. I’ve just been lazy. So I lived with the patched up unfinished wall and now I want to fix it.  I’ve gotten a little further. Yesterday, I sanded down the plaster and this morning I primed. I still have to finish priming behind the fridge, but I have to do a few more patching repairs.  The idea is to repaint the walls and recover the floors with a good quality vinyl flooring. Whoever installed the old laminate or whatever product is on the floors right now did a sucky job.  The whole thing would cost me just a couple of hundred dollars.

I’m now not sure if I should leave the ugly cabinet doors as it is, or splurge for new doors. This is why I’m at the mall right now, on a Starbucks stop while I debate going to Home Depot (which I probably will) and price cabinetry.  And while I do that, I might as well look at counter tops, right? (kaching!) How about a tiled backsplash (kaching kaching!).  I don’t like spending money, and I don’t want to turn this little project into a monster, to be honest.  That’s how ridiculous this project could get. And to be honest, the kitchen could very well move locations in the next year or so anyway, so why bother with all the effort?

I’m out of soy caramel machiato, my notebook battery is running out and i hate my backpack. That last bit of randomness ends this post.  And to the three people in St. Catharines that know me through my blog, here’s the official shout out. :D

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