A good place to live…

A good place to live…

a sims 3 house

I’ve hinted before that it was time for me (us) to move.  It’s been a bit of a stressful month and a half for me, as we plan out what we’re planning to do.  The goal was finding something affordable, while being in a neighbourhood that we love.  I really do believe a good neighbourhood is very much a part of what makes a place a “home”.

I wasn’t sure if I was looking for “perfect”.  That’s a bit difficult, when you’re on a timeline and a budget.  But you can bet that I was hoping to find something that leaned closer towards it than merely just settling.

It’s too bad that it isn’t as easy as making a perfect neighbourhood, then building the perfect home, like you can in Sims 3.

Sims Apartments
Even my Sims apartments are ideal…

( And yes, I’m using Sims screenshots because I haven’t really worked on anything original for a while now. Oops.)

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