I call these the Democracy Drawings. During the 2018 US mid-term elections, I wanted to thank those who went out to vote simply because in these crappy times, I particularly felt that it was important to be involved. As I am not American, I am not eligible to vote in their elections, so all I could do was say thank you.

Sometimes I just had to do more than be an armchair protester. And I’m still in a chair, but it’s a drafting chair and I spent a lot of time on these portraits to thank a few who did their democratic duty. So I feel in the greater scheme, it isn’t much, but it’s some thing.

On the other hand, I learned a lot, as one does when one goes on a drawing spree. I enjoyed drawing in this style and it may not be the last time I’ll be drawing these types of portraits again.

The subjects of the portraits are sometimes of real people, most are Sims because Sim players is the circle I run in nowadays. Credits are in the captions.

Here are the portraits:

Bonus work-in-progress photo: