After the Great Toronto Flood of ’13

Kingston and Queen East Post Storm

On Monday, July 8th, late in the afternoon, it started raining… and raining… and yeah, a lot of it came down. Toronto got hit with a record downpour. It overwhelmed the city’s infrastructure, and caused serious flooding in many neighbourhoods.

The only way I was affected was that I was stuck in traffic.  My “Great Toronto Flood of ’13” story is kind of boring, but at least I was luckier than many others whose cars and properties were damaged, or who couldn’t make it home in time for dinner because their train was underwater!  I came away with one decent instagram of my suffering.

Thunderstorm warnings continued on days after the initial flood.  The skies were pretty dramatic then.

(More pics below…)

Post StormPost Storm

The technical name for these clouds are Mammatus Clouds.  I just think they were pretty freaking cool.

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