Artwork Giveaway on Twitch!

Artwork Giveaway on Twitch!

If you’ve been following me on social media, you’ll know I’ve been streaming live on Twitch for the past month and recently I’ve just hit all the requirements to be a Twitch Affiliate!  This means good things for Blackdaisies this year!

As a big thank you to my followers on Twitch,  I’m doing a draw for 3 portraits!    

  • To enter, you must be following by March 2nd, and you must reply to my posts on Tumblr, Twitter, comment below or DM/chat me on Twitch.  Include your Twitch username in the response.
  • When you enter, you are added to the hat. There is no additional cost associated with entering the giveaway draw.   
  • Followers can purchase an extra entry for 200 Petals (This is in place as a thank you for those who’ve been with me during streams or helped out).  Visit this page to use your Petals: 
  • You can purchase as many entries as you like with your Petals.
    (Petals is the loyalty currency I use on Twitch. You gain 5 petals for every 5 minutes you hang out with us during live streams.)
  • Entries will be accepted until 3PM EST on March 3rd. 
  • The draw will take place during live stream on March 3rd.  Winners will also be contacted by Twitch DM.   Another winner will be drawn if winner doesn’t respond by March  6, 2019.
  • Winners can forward their subjects to me. Real people are ok if you’re okay with me not being able to draw real people well!  Fan art and OCs (with reference) is okay.  Please no gratuitous NSFW.  (See examples.)
  • Please allow up to 30 days for me to complete your artwork.
  • Artwork is for personal use only and may not be used in promo ads, merchandise, or in other commercial projects.  
  • You may use in avatars, header banners for personal channels, or to share on social media, with credit to Blackdaisies.
  • The work in progress may be live-streamed, recorded or posted to my social media.
  • I reserve all rights to the artwork and may use for promotional and portfolio purposes.

If you’re not certain of any of these terms, please ask me!  

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