Sketchbook August 18-23

I’ve recently tried and purchased Manga Studio 5 (Clip Studio) on the recommendation of a colleague. I was also kind of frustrated how annoying it was to get my poopy Bamboo Wacom tablet to work with GIMP properly and I wanted a program that I could draw digitally with.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman by Des Taylor. See more of his amazing artwork at and visit his blog at Just because I grew up reading comic books and watching Wonder Woman in the 70’s (well, reruns in the 80’s).

Bella Goth – Sims fan art

See more of Risastorm’s art at Bella Goth, the quintessential Sims, who’s life we’ve all had a chance to interfere with. She was the matriarch in the original Sims, the mystery in Sims 2, our companion in Sims 3. She’s inspired so many stories, and so many ways of playing, and yet for most of us, she’s always been […]

The Apartment Hunt

When I started thinking about the new apartment, I had a very specific criteria in mind. I didn’t set out to go beyond those tight guidelines.  The next place I live in will be somewhere I’d like to genuinely call home for a long time.  In two months, I looked through a lot of online ads. :p It is weird, […]

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

People sort of freaked out when Nintendo released the cartoony, cell-shaded style of Wind Waker.  There were pretty much calls for Miyamoto‘s head on a platter for this travesty.  Despite it all, I personally loved the style and Wind Waker remains one of my favourite games. Though I should put this out there. :D  

Vintage Toronto

Since as far as I could remember, I’ve been fascinated by Toronto history.  Naturally, BlogTO‘s posts about what this city used to look like are my  favourites.

Blade Runner – Rachel

Blade Runner fan art, Rachel portrait by Ilya Kuvshinov (kr0npr1nz). See more of his art at 100 Heroines: I’m searching for fan art for female characters from film, comic books and literature that I’ve admired at one point or another in my life.  

1001 Nights

1001 Nights from ala sunder on Vimeo. I worked on 1001 Nights, by Yoshitaka Amano, a long time ago when I used to be an animation assistant contracted at Red Rover Animation Studios. I loved this project, and oddly enough I’ve never seen the completed version (with soundtrack and all) until only a few years ago. Posting here for posterity.