Beware of summer days

Beware of summer days

The “heat wave” started about two weeks ago. Temperatures in Toronto have been consistently over 30°C for almost two weeks straight.  Add on top of that some gross humidity, and it was feeling like 40°C for a few days.  You’d walk outside your air conditioned office and moisture would immediately condense on your cool skin, making it feel even clammier.

It’s hard to have a hobby when the weather is bad and it’s affecting everything. We make do at home with a window fan and an a/c in the bedroom, but these days it’s been uncomfortable.   I’ve also been building a new computer (yay!) It’s been time for that, as I’ve been working off my five year old Sony Vaio.   Running programs like Clip Studio Paint stresses her a bit, and in this heat, that fan has been buzzing painfully. My Vaio has been good to me, but it’s time for her to gracefully retire.

So in this lovely, humid summer heat, I gathered my parts (thank you PCPartPicker), and slowly put it together.  My brand new work station is a plain jane, but she does the work beautifully.  No, I haven’t run WoW on it yet, but the Sims 4 runs swell!

I’ve been working on stuff when it hasn’t been so hot.   I’ve actually opened up inexpensive commissions at DeviantArt, for DeviantArt-ers for fun and profit. I want to push my personal boundaries and work on other people’s wonderful ideas.  Any money I make will go back into the hobby.  With much gratitude, my webhosting for the year has already been paid for.

created by blackdaisies
Commissioned colour sketch

These two gentlemen were commissioned over at DA.  (Commission – TheShadowStone)

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