Inspired by J.C. Leyendecker

I mentioned that I’ve recently discovered J.C. Leyendecker, an illustrator from the turn of the 20th Century. He was known for magazine covers, and men’s fashion illustrations. Here’s a few images that I’ve been studying, hoping to absorb some of his sharp technique into my own work.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman by Des Taylor. See more of his amazing artwork at and visit his blog at Just because I grew up reading comic books and watching Wonder Woman in the 70’s (well, reruns in the 80’s).

Bella Goth – Sims fan art

See more of Risastorm’s art at Bella Goth, the quintessential Sims, who’s life we’ve all had a chance to interfere with. She was the matriarch in the original Sims, the mystery in Sims 2, our companion in Sims 3. She’s inspired so many stories, and so many ways of playing, and yet for most of us, she’s always been […]

Blade Runner – Rachel

Blade Runner fan art, Rachel portrait by Ilya Kuvshinov (kr0npr1nz). See more of his art at 100 Heroines: I’m searching for fan art for female characters from film, comic books and literature that I’ve admired at one point or another in my life.  

The Professor

I started drawing her months ago. I decided to finish her up over the past couple of days. Created with Inkscape and GIMP. Textures by Allthingsprecious and Sherrys-Camera. (You are more than welcome to share this drawing, all I ask is credit and a link back to Thank you! ^_^. )

Lord of the Rings Stained Glass Art

Art is by Jian Guo, and you can find more of his beautiful stained glass art on Deviantart: I came across the LOTR stained glass art on Pinterest (Of course it wasn’t credited, who ever credits artists on social media anymore!).    I’m still poring over all the amazing details.   I couldn’t pick out any favourites, but there’s a […]

Twisted Princesses

Jeff Thomas takes our favourite, lovely Disney princesses and kind of warps them a bit. I was never one for the pretty and delicate myself, so I appreciate the twist on the concept, and I love his lines. See more of his twisted princesses here:

Of Hipster Gnomes and Condo Hydras

I first saw this on Torontoist and fell in love. Catshrine created this perfect fantasy map of Toronto. Complete with Distillery District Sprites and Junction Hipster Gnomes. Junction. Hipster. Gnomes. Catshrine is an art collecctive in Toronto. Their  portfolio and close ups of our neighbourhoods are on their blog

Fashionable Mutants

I found Kevin Wada’s art through tumblr, or pinterest… (or something). First of all, I love his style and I definitely love how he interprets my favourite Marvel characters.  The pictures are linked to and you can find more on his tumblr here: