What Is My Style?

Part of the art journey is branching out and trying out different techniques and styles. I personally feel like I haven’t found the style I want to work with, that I’m also efficient with. I am constantly inspired by other artists, new and old, and I always want to try new things.

Revisiting old Artwork – Daughter of the Sea

I know I rush a lot of my artwork, and it’s one of the reasons why I’m not particularly proud of the end result. I think I do much better when I take time with the piece. For my original sketch “Daughter of the Sea“, it was a loose sketch that took about 5 or so hours. I’ve always liked […]

Process – Leon and Mathilda

So a little bit ago, I upgraded from my teeny Bamboo tablet to a Wacom Bamboo Connect pen and tablet, a trade for a drawing. The gent that traded me the tablet wanted fan-art for “Leon the Professional”.  A challenge, to be sure!

Anne of Green Gables

‘Anne of Green Gables’ by L.M. Montgomery was one of my favourite books growing up.  She is unquestionably a Canadian icon, which is why I wanted to draw her to celebrate Canada’s 150th.

My tools – Clip Studio Paint

If you’ve been here before, you may know my preferred digital art program. I have been using Clip Studio Paint (or Manga Studio), since a colleague introduced it to me.  Before then, I’ve been struggling with GIMP, which to be honest, left me with little motivation to actually draw.

Practice Makes Perfect-ish

I have noticed one thing I don’t really do, or at least post about: my sketches.  This blog, being about my personal art progress, lacks records of me actually practicing. Admittedly, I rounding out my drawings with more finished lines, colour and shading and I like showing off those. I do sketch, but they are more like doodles and to me, […]

Sketch – Aphrodite

  A two hour sketch that kind of stretched to about three hours with all the little tweaking I did after I should have “finished” it. I am working on a bigger project, but I didn’t want to stop doing my 2 hour drawings. Tonight, I felt like practicing painting in Clip Studio Paint.

Sketch – A Cold Day

A 2 hour sketch in Clip Studio Paint to celebrate the first polar vortex of the season! Between Sims 4  and suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome and a bad back, I haven’t been drawing much. I wanted to get a whole slew of stuff done for the holidays, but that probably isn’t going to happen.

Drawing – Superman

I’m actually suffering from pretty severe back pain right now, which probably happened a day or two after a bike ride home. I don’t know. In any case, I’m stuck on the couch and it’s hard for me to walk. Fortunately, I’ve got some time off, which I was supposed to use to enjoy this summer.  Oh well.

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