Drawing – Defender

Honestly, you think those big poofy things in the sky would be easy to draw, but nope, not for me. I don’t do a lot of backgrounds in my work, and if I do it ends up being an amorphous mess, so I go back and painstakingly clean things up and add details.

Drawing – Exarch Yrel

A lot of my days are still spent playing World of Warcraft, so I’m still drawing a lot of inspiration from it.  When I got into Warlords of Draenor expansion, I had an amazing time leveling, mostly because of the quest story lines and how they flowed so nicely. We were introduced to Yrel in that first mission in the […]

Drawing: Dr. Pamela Isley

Last year, when I started digitally drawing in earnest, I followed a Sketchdailies prompt and drew “Poison Ivy” on the iPad. The drawing was meh. I thought I would attempt the “Draw It Again” meme and try to draw Poison Ivy again.

  • http://cbiindex.com/maillotdefootpascher.html