Inktober 2017 – Week Two

I’m in the second week of Inktober, and it’s in full swing. I’ve observed elsewhere that leading up to this month, the idea of participating in Inktober was intimidating to me. The challenge is to create 31 drawings… in ink.  I’m a digital artist, it’s the medium I know, love, and am used to. Breaking out of that is a […]

Inktober 2017 – Week One

Inktober 2017 is looking amazing this year, with over a million posts shared so far according to the founder of the challenge, Jake Parker.  I’m glad to be participating this year. As I’ve said before, Inktober gives me an excuse to break out of digital art for a month and use traditional tools like pencils, paper and ink.  In 2015, […]

Inktober 2017

I participated in Inktober in 2015, and it was a challenge.  Inktober is a drawing challenge where you draw one ink drawing for 31 days this month.   Trying to decide what to draw every evening was difficult enough, and then I had to draw with actual ink on actual paper.   As you could see, this is intimidating to me.  It […]

Learning to let your work go

I hate leaving artwork unfinished.  I hate spending any amount of time on anything just to scrap it. It feels like it was a waste of time, and worse, because it doesn’t look the way that you want, that I’ve failed as an artist.  This is sometimes how art blocks happen.

Digital Art Resources

Here’s a short compilation of the digital art resources I use to create my artwork.  Most of these resources are inexpensive or free, for artists that may not have the means to purchase everything the art business throws at them.  Remember, you can draw with a standard office HB pencil on the back of an envelope, it’s still art.

Sketchbook drawings – /r/redditgetsdrawn

I mainly use reddit to keep up with whatever interests me at any given point.  I know it has a bit of a bad rap, but I think it depends on which subreddits you visit. There are so many, it’s not difficult to find a sub for a topic you enjoy. I’ve been aware of /r/redditgetsdrawn for a bit, but only […]

My tools – Clip Studio Paint

If you’ve been here before, you may know my preferred digital art program. I have been using Clip Studio Paint (or Manga Studio), since a colleague introduced it to me.  Before then, I’ve been struggling with GIMP, which to be honest, left me with little motivation to actually draw.

Digital thoughts

I’ve been working with digital art for so long, I sometimes forget that it’s not quite tangible, not in the same way pencil lines on paper is.  I make a mistake, I click “undo” a few times, and it’s like the mistakes have never happened at all.  This makes me reckless and clumsy. I also can experiment more, take more […]


I take these long breaks from drawing for several reasons. In this case, it started with a flare up of carpal tunnel and my bad back, both problems motivating me to get myself into better shape, pay better attention to my posture and just not be so lazy most of the time.

Practice Makes Perfect-ish

I have noticed one thing I don’t really do, or at least post about: my sketches.  This blog, being about my personal art progress, lacks records of me actually practicing. Admittedly, I rounding out my drawings with more finished lines, colour and shading and I like showing off those. I do sketch, but they are more like doodles and to me, […]

Announcement – Shop now open!

I’ve finally jumped on this train and opened up shop with both Redbubble and Society6.  Maybe I just wanted to see my art on tote bags (because I love tote bags!). Part of my plans for 2017 is to producing more print-ready artwork, which would force me to refine my work.   This is a first step.  There will be definitely […]