Tomato project update

So the cherry tomato plants aren’t doing so well. The leaves are sort of tiny and mottled and despite my best attempts I couldn’t get good growth out of them. I’m going to continue to nurse them and see how far they go, but at this point, they’re on life support. I bought two new cherry tomato plants and this […]

Gazpacho time!

Tonight, I’m treating myself to gazpacho. Most of the ingredients are from the market, at the most Ontario grown. 4 large tomatoes, peeled 1 red bell pepper 1 english cucumber 1 handful of chopped cilantro 5-6 fresh basil leaves 1 handful of chopped scallions (or red onion) 3 garlic cloves 1/4 olive oil 1/4 cup of white wine vinegar juice […]

Project Tomato Week 3

Tomatoes went into their individual pots last week. I picked 3 of the Romas and 2 of the cherries. I think these should be enough for the veggie patch I plotted out for them. I named the romas after my sister’s family. The cherry tomatoes are named for me and my boyfriend. The cherry tomatoes (Sweet 100), are in recycled […]

Project: Tomato

Disclaimer: I am a humungous gardening noob.  Feel free to point and laugh, but please keep in mind i ain’t no expert. Cherries and Roma Tomatoes seeded in the last week of April: The seed beds are recycled containers with holes cut out on the bottom for drainage. I wrapped them up with plastic wrap. Within a couple of days, […]

The Backyard Clean-Up

The plan: I’ve been spending a lot of time in my backyard lately, and a bit in the front. This is what I’ve accomplished so far: manually removed wild violets and other weeds from half the lawn turned, tilled, raked the soil, amended it with gardening soil plotted out where the veggie patches will end up aerated and mowed the […]

Life finds a way

Going through my backyard, I found these tiny heads poking up from beneath the dried leaves and old mulch from last year. These were the ferns I planted in this corner of my garden that I didn’t think survived because I underwatered them. But it looks like they want to live. Now I have to decide if I want to […]

Operation: Scorched earth.

They seem sweet and pretty and innocent. Actually, right now they’re my enemy. At least one of them. These wild violets are one of the new unwanted invaders to my back yard. They crept in over the years and this spring it looks like they’ve taken almost half the yard. I could pay some lawn care company hundreds of dollars […]

New Bike post!

So I bought a new bike. (I’ll have a better photo when I get a chance to ride out to some nicer scenery than my craptastic backyard.) I went to visit Liberty! Bikes, which is across from work to check out some of the bikes that I was interested in. I inquired about single-speed bikes, to which the sales dude […]

I really miss my bike.

This the scene from my front porch about half an hour ago. I’m hoping this is the last snow storm of this season. I really want to be on a bike again. I still would like to get a decent car this year, but there is nothing like getting around on a bike, even when it’s raining, or cold outside. […]