The January Post

To me, it feels like this winter has been the coldest I’ve gone through in some time. Wind chill has been about -20ºc, it’s been grey, it’s been windy.  This is one of the reasons why I’ve been thinking about concepts like  warmth, and rest, and being home.

Moving Forward

  I feel like this past year I’ve been in kind of a holding stage. I’ve been busy, working, getting by and trying to enjoy my life.  I said last year that I’d get back into my art and being a creative person. I kind of fell off that path. :p Photos are one thing, but I need to get […]

The Perfect Veggie Hotdog

Every so often, I get cravings for street veggie dogs. I know, food from the hot dog carts are dubious enough as it is, but once in a while, I just feel like having one. I usually regret it soon after… most cart vendors can’t cook the veggie dog properly, so it mostly turns out boring, bland, over cooked or […]

East End of Queen

I really love my bike. It is unquestioningly my favourite way to travel around Toronto. This picture was taken on a sunny day, visiting the R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant on the far east end of Queen St.

Peach Crumble and cute ramekins

I used to have an issue with making desserts, and only when it came to serving size. That’s nice when you’re feeding a small party or a family of four, but for one, it’s not all that practical, or healthy. Not that I wouldn’t mind sitting there and eating a whole cake pan of brownies in a night. :p So […]

After the Great Toronto Flood of ’13

On Monday, July 8th, late in the afternoon, it started raining… and raining… and yeah, a lot of it came down. Toronto got hit with a record downpour. It overwhelmed the city’s infrastructure, and caused serious flooding in many neighbourhoods. The only way I was affected was that I was stuck in traffic.  My “Great Toronto Flood of ’13” story […]

It’s Spring!

Spring finally got here, after a few false starts. The weather’s been reasonable, so I got a chance to bring my Kona Paddywagon (I affectionately call “The Irish”) out for a ride along the Beach boardwalk. I really love this bike. <3