Vintage Toronto

Since as far as I could remember, I’ve been fascinated by Toronto history.  Naturally, BlogTO‘s posts about what this city used to look like are my  favourites.

1001 Nights

1001 Nights from ala sunder on Vimeo. I worked on 1001 Nights, by Yoshitaka Amano, a long time ago when I used to be an animation assistant contracted at Red Rover Animation Studios. I loved this project, and oddly enough I’ve never seen the completed version (with soundtrack and all) until only a few years ago. Posting here for posterity.

Spirited Away…

It’s hard for me to say that I have a favourite movie. Like a lot of people, I’m indecisive, and I like movies depending on the mood I’m in at the time. But whenever someone asks me, the first movie that comes to mind is “Spirited Away”.  There is just so much beauty to this movie on so many levels.  […]

Lord of the Rings Stained Glass Art

Art is by Jian Guo, and you can find more of his beautiful stained glass art on Deviantart: I came across the LOTR stained glass art on Pinterest (Of course it wasn’t credited, who ever credits artists on social media anymore!).    I’m still poring over all the amazing details.   I couldn’t pick out any favourites, but there’s a […]

Twisted Princesses

Jeff Thomas takes our favourite, lovely Disney princesses and kind of warps them a bit. I was never one for the pretty and delicate myself, so I appreciate the twist on the concept, and I love his lines. See more of his twisted princesses here:

Fashionable Mutants

I found Kevin Wada’s art through tumblr, or pinterest… (or something). First of all, I love his style and I definitely love how he interprets my favourite Marvel characters.  The pictures are linked to and you can find more on his tumblr here:  

My new favourite thing is Pinterest

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