Practice Makes Perfect-ish

I have noticed one thing I don’t really do, or at least post about: my sketches.  This blog, being about my personal art progress, lacks records of me actually practicing. Admittedly, I rounding out my drawings with more finished lines, colour and shading and I like showing off those. I do sketch, but they are more like doodles and to me, […]

Sketch – Aphrodite

  A two hour sketch that kind of stretched to about three hours with all the little tweaking I did after I should have “finished” it. I am working on a bigger project, but I didn’t want to stop doing my 2 hour drawings. Tonight, I felt like practicing painting in Clip Studio Paint.

Sketch – A Cold Day

A 2 hour sketch in Clip Studio Paint to celebrate the first polar vortex of the season! Between Sims 4  and suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome and a bad back, I haven’t been drawing much. I wanted to get a whole slew of stuff done for the holidays, but that probably isn’t going to happen.

Beware of summer days

The “heat wave” started about two weeks ago. Temperatures in Toronto have been consistently over 30°C for almost two weeks straight.  Add on top of that some gross humidity, and it was feeling like 40°C for a few days.  You’d walk outside your air conditioned office and moisture would immediately condense on your cool skin, making it feel even clammier.

Drawing – Troll Druid

  I got a request from Amichaan at Deviantart to draw her troll druid, “Vonjahi”.  This drawing gave me a chance to practice more detail and texture which is still challenging for me.

Drawing – Exarch Yrel

A lot of my days are still spent playing World of Warcraft, so I’m still drawing a lot of inspiration from it.  When I got into Warlords of Draenor expansion, I had an amazing time leveling, mostly because of the quest story lines and how they flowed so nicely. We were introduced to Yrel in that first mission in the […]

Inktober 2015 Week 2

Week 2, and I’m a getting a little bit more comfortable with pencil, ink and paper.  I’m starting to block out dark areas, which I’m not sure is a great idea.  Some of these drawings work, while others are just kind of meh.  I can see a lot of problems with anatomy proportions , and ink control.   I think […]