Animal Crossing Fan Art – Reneigh As a Human

Description I play a lot of Animal Crossing, and I also draw, so I thought it was high time I put those two together. I drew one of my favourite villagers, Reneigh, how I’d thought she’d look as a human! Time lapsed video, full drawing was about 2 hours. I haven’t really drawn seriously since the lockdown started, so I’ve […]

Inktober Drawing – Medusa

Description I am doing Inktober this year, and using the official prompt list. My theme has to do with creepy stories, which may include personal ghost stories, a bit of creepypasta and folklore. For Day 4, the prompt was “Freeze”. Medusa was cursed with looks that could literally turn you to stone. Materials used: Paper: Koh-i-Noor 9×12 sketchbook – heavy […]

Sims 4 Fan Art – Pancakes in Sulani

Description Retro Bob and Eliza Pancakes visiting Sulani. Inspired by the latest Sims 4 expansion pack “Island Living”. Drawing time was about 8 hours. Video is sped up about 24x and edited. Created with Clip Studio Paint. Credit Music Credits “Walking in Line” by Freedom Trail Studio 0:00 “Carefree” by Kevin McLeod 3:54 “Run LIttle Chicken” by The Mini Vandals […]

Game of Thrones fan art – The Lady of Winterfell

Description Sansa Stark, inspired by Sophie Turner’s portrayal of her on the HBO show “Game of Thrones”. (I’m still very much learning how to capture the likeness of real people in my art) Drawn live and recorded on Twitch. The drawing took approx 7 hours to complete. Video is sped up 32x. Credits Music credits: “Every Step” – Silent Partner […]

Sims 4 Fan Art – Drawing The Cow Plant

Description Drawing the Laganophyllis Simnovorii, commonly known as the Cowplant, the carnivorous plant from the Sims franchise. For art giveaway winner (Twitch) LilacLydiaDeetz. This drawing took about 5 hours to complete including “tweaks”. Video is sped up x40 ish. Credits Music credits “As I Figure – Latinesque” by Kevin MacLeod “El Gavilan” by Quincas Moreira As I Figure – Latinesque […]

Time Lapse Sims 4 Fan Art – Love Day

Description Love Day in the Sims, featuring Cassandra Goth and Darling Walsh. This pairing was suggested by Jennisloud on Twitter and I fell in love with the idea and this scene.… Full drawing here:… The drawing took three nights to complete (approx 9 hours). Video is sped up 50x. This format is different, so please let me know […]

Drawing Your Sims – Battyboots

Description For this stream, I opened up sketch requests from followers. I had a lot of fun and drawing the requests was a nice way of practicing. Battyboots is a Sim by Rethasim and I spent a little over an hour on this sketch. Visit Rethasim and follow the adventures of Battyboots here: Credits Music credits: “Bright Idea” by […]

Video – Yuki Behr

Time lapse of my Twitch stream drawing fan art of gamer girl Yuki Behr from Windenburg (Sims 4 Get Together). This is my first ever Twitch live stream! The drawing was started and mostly completed (except for the bg) on Twitch over the course of 4 separate streams, approximately 12 hours over all. Music Credits Day 1 – composition, rough […]

Drawing Your Sims – Who Is She?!

Description A little while ago, I accepted requests from people who’ve voted in the 2018 US midterm elections. I finally finished all of the requests (I hope! Please, please let me know if I missed you, I’d feel so bad if I did!). It took so long for me to get around to the last one, that the Tumblr account […]

Drawing Your Sims – Penelope Pizzazz

Description Time lapse drawing of Penelope Pizzazz, the famous jazz singer grandmother of Penny Pizzazz, created by @IrrelephantSims. Penelope Pizzazz –… I drew some free portraits for anyone who’s voted in the US mid-term elections, ideally to encourage people that democracy is a good thing and we all should inform ourselves and participate, the world over. Credits Music credits: […]