Doctor Strange revisited

Doctor Strange revisited

In 2014, I attempted a Doctor Strange fan art, from a prompt on Sketchdailies. When I finished the drawing, I immediately hated it. I tried to hide mistakes behind horrible shading and visual fx, but it was just a big mess. Unfortunately, I posted it anyway. :p 

It’s really difficult sometimes to see where all your mistakes are, especially when you’re starting out and you don’t really have the patience to be objective.  Nowadays, I’m trying to be a little more patient and see things with more of a critical eye. I am constantly comparing my work to other artists, and not in any kind of bad way, I hope. I study other artists’ techniques, their lines, and shapes and the stuff I like, I try to emulate as much as I could, while still trying to make it mine.

Anyway, with all I’ve learned, I thought it was about time I attempted one of these again, so I redrew Doctor Strange, though this time inspired by the movie version starring Benedict Cumberbatch.

doctor strange by Blackdaisies
Doctor Strange 2017

It’s still not the greatest, I can see a lot of problems, but I think this is a bit better than the first attempt.  To be fair, I have better reference now. Let me know what you think!

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