Drawing – Blood Elf Pinup

Drawing – Blood Elf Pinup


I’ve had a lot of time to sit around and draw lately… not so much with housework and other stuff I wanted to do this week. Thank you body, for failing on me hard. :p

blood elf retro pin up

Today I sat down and started drawing and “Cheesecake” retro came out. (I’m pretty much surrounded by Ant Lucia’s “DC Bombshells” prints).  But I also wanted to keep drawing WoW toons, so I made her a Blood Elf. I’m using more Clip Studio Paint brushes for definition, and I’m still training myself to use them in a more natural way.  I still feel like I’m overworking a lot, but not paying attention to the details that matter.

Created with Clip Studio Paint and Pixlr for filters.

(edited – I forgot her eyebrows >_> )

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