Drawing – Daughter of the Sea

Drawing – Daughter of the Sea

Fan art of Jaina Proudmoore from World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth by blackdaisies
Jaina Proudmoore

I saw the Warbringers: Jaina Proudmoore  video on Youtube a little while ago, and this weekend was inspired to draw her again. This was meant to be a casual colour sketch, but I went a little bit overboard. I wouldn’t consider this a polished illustration, it’s still pretty rough all over, but I’m happy to share it as it is.

I’ve been keeping up to date on World of Warcraft news, though I haven’t actually jumped into re-sub. I’m resigned to the fact that I am a WoW addict, and I can never go back to playing because I know myself too well; I’ll just end up getting sucked in, spend a lot of time raiding or grinding or hanging out at the auction house, or taking screenshots of the pretty environments.   So instead, I draw fan art.

I’m in a good place lately when it comes to balancing work/life (for the most part). It’s easy to imagine how throwing World of Warcraft in there would tilt things severely.  I’d start innocently enough, pretending I’m a casual gamer, and then I start farming for gear, grinding for honour, and then jumping into instances, and pick up raids. I’d inevitably get frustrated by the pickup raid experience and maybe join a raiding guild, and all of a sudden my nights are scheduled for raiding, and I need to grind mats for pots, gems, whatever, and all of a sudden it’s fall of 2019, my raiding guild has fallen apart because of internal drama,  I’m a twitchy caffeine addict, complaining about filthy casuals and I don’t know where my life has gone…

So no, I see my life laid out quite clearly if I start playing WoW again, even “casually”, and it’s not looking good.  But it hasn’t stopped me from checking out the cinematics on youtube, and catching up on lore.

Damn, I would re-sub just to play the Kul’Tiras story line.

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