Drawing – Defender

Honestly, you think those big poofy things in the sky would be easy to draw, but nope, not for me. I don’t do a lot of backgrounds in my work, and if I do it ends up being an amorphous mess, so I go back and painstakingly clean things up and add details.

I didn’t do that for this drawing, but I thought instead of the wispy backdrops of my previous WoW fan art, I’d go with something a little more scenic for my little gadget-loving tank.


world of warcraft fan art
Defender of the Alliance

She has been my very first World of Warcraft character. Everyone in game knows me by her name. I love playing my warrior, even though I raid on a resto druid more. She’s my first WoW love.

I’m leaning very much towards more graphic, “cartoony” work.  Cleaning up lines, which I’m still shit at, takes up a long time for me.  All in all, this drawing took about 10-12 hours to get to a passable point, and then a few hours more for my constant tweaking.

Sketch and layers gif:





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