Drawing – Exarch Yrel

Drawing – Exarch Yrel

A lot of my days are still spent playing World of Warcraft, so I’m still drawing a lot of inspiration from it.  When I got into Warlords of Draenor expansion, I had an amazing time leveling, mostly because of the quest story lines and how they flowed so nicely. We were introduced to Yrel in that first mission in the Tanaan Jungle.  She isn’t my favourite character … I’m not too drawn into Mary Sue types, but I’ll admit she is kind of badass.


Exarch Yrel

The drawing is sketched, cleaned and coloured in Clip Studio Paint.  I was mostly practicing getting back in to drawing and cleaning up my lines.   I’m not gonna lie, I had a hard time with those ridiculous shoulder plates.  I used Pixlr for the filters.



Bonus video of Yrel in all of her badass Mary Sue glory.  :D

Battle of Shattrath

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