Drawing – Superman

Drawing – Superman

I’m actually suffering from pretty severe back pain right now, which probably happened a day or two after a bike ride home. I don’t know. In any case, I’m stuck on the couch and it’s hard for me to walk. Fortunately, I’ve got some time off, which I was supposed to use to enjoy this summer.  Oh well.

Last night, we got a chance to watch the extended version of Batman Vs. Superman. I’m no DC fangirl, but I really, really enjoyed that movie.  Anyway, I thought that I don’t draw men enough, and I probably need practice, and that’s why I decided to draw Clark today. (Also it’s July the Fourth, and I thought this was appropriate).

Superman by Blackdaisies

Created with Clip Studio Paint.  Fuzzy backgrounds. Heh.

Update: I made a video of the process!

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