Drawing: The Princess

Drawing: The Princess


This one started off as a very rough sketch, though I wasn’t sure who she was or what I wanted to do with her.  My goal is to be able to draw interesting characters and “find a style” for myself.   My drawing “breaks” range from months to years,  and I realized that in that time, there might have been more that I could have learned and accomplished with my art.

It’s true, that I don’t feel that I’ve grown as an artist, even though I’ve worked professionally… an opportunity I know a lot of artists don’t have.    I can draw, but it’s has been difficult for me to find the motivation and inspiration to do it.   I want to improve on many different levels, but it’s hard to do that when I won’t find the time to work on it.

I need to keep chasing that muse, and entice it to stay with me a little longer and not give up too soon.  So with that, I’ll draw a little bit more, whether it works or not.  It’s all progress.


The Princess: rough sketch.


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