Drawing Your Sims – Who Is She?!

Drawing Your Sims – Who Is She?!


A little while ago, I accepted requests from people who’ve voted in the 2018 US midterm elections. I finally finished all of the requests (I hope! Please, please let me know if I missed you, I’d feel so bad if I did!). It took so long for me to get around to the last one, that the Tumblr account “Bridgeportghost” who requested this has been deactivated! :O

I only have this pic and our messages, but I don’t know who this beautiful Sim is. I did my best to draw her and I apologize for taking so long. Thank you for taking part in the democratic process and thank you for your Sim!


Music credits:
“Loud In the Cloud” by Nana Kwabena – intro
“BoogieBounce” by Drew Banga – 2:40
“Fireflies” by Nana Kwabena – 6:00

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