The Goth Family – Sims Fan Art

The Goth Family – Sims Fan Art

I drew some more Sims Fan art and spent a little more time on this one.

A while back, I did a fast drawing of Bella and Mortimer, the iconic couple from the Sims franchise.

I felt compelled to come back to them and draw them again. I added Cassandra and Alexander as well, and spent about three evenings trying to get to this point.


The Goth Family by Blackdaisies
The Goth Family

I really like this art style. I could be happy if I can work in this style consistently!  I am trying to slow down and go back over mistakes and things I don’t think look right. I’ve repainted Bella’s dress twice, reshaped Mortimer’s head and fixed made sure Bella’s shoes were the same size.  I admit, I do love how Alexander turned out.


Created in Clip Studio Paint

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