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<3 Pamela

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  1. Hey – this site is amazing! I was cleaning up my email addresses, looking for surnames for some, and fell into your website accidentally. I’ve just spent an hour perusing -you are VERY talented! Hi to John,

  2. Hi Pamela. I’ve been following your site for a few years. I love your pictures, artwork, and blog. Having been to Toronto several times, I’m still enamoured by it’s culture and people :). I have one question: why did you leave the 3D animation field behind? The reason I ask is that I’d like to go back into this field after visiting SIGGRAPH in 2010.


    Ted Piwowar

    1. Hey Ted, I totally appreciate this, thank you. Toronto is pretty awesome, I agree! I’ll e-mail you about my experience in 3D animation, but all in all, it was a good industry and there’s a lot of it that I’m proud about.

  3. Howdy Pam! :)
    Super cool site, I had no idea you had all this stuff online

    At any rate i was thinking about you today and wondering how you are doing.

    Hope you are drinking lots to stay hydrated while you are doing your gardening.

    Doing any bike touring soon?

    Take Care and stay in touch if you can

    Ted :)

  4. Hi! Are somewhat related by blood?, We are proud to have a telented kin, anyway if you intersted in Philippines market, We may able to open a way to have it known here, just e-mail me. Thanks, Best Regards

  5. i just accidentally opened your website. honestly, it’s so interesting. The fact also that we have the same family name.

    keep it up.

  6. Hey Pam! New site looks good! It’s always nice to see blackdaisies on the interweb. Keep it coming with the drawings!

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