I really miss my bike.

I really miss my bike.

March 8, 2008

This the scene from my front porch about half an hour ago. I’m hoping this is the last snow storm of this season. I really want to be on a bike again. I still would like to get a decent car this year, but there is nothing like getting around on a bike, even when it’s raining, or cold outside. I’m even thinking of getting a new bike that may be a bit easier to get around town with. I probably don’t need one… my Hahanna has worked out well for me last year, though I know there were times I wish it was faster. And it definitely doesn’t work into my financial diet. But I don’t know… the Kona Smoke or the Dew are really cute commuter type relatively inexpensive bikes, and everytime I look, the more I want.

Well, sigh. I suppose it won’t hurt for them to be wishlisted.

Update: The dial is twitching more and more to the “Yes” side, though to balance it out I may give up my gym membership. I think this is a trade I can deal with. :D

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