I’m getting a little too used to this…

I took another three days off because my Dad was coming over this week to help me tackle the kitchen. First order of business will be to remove the paper border around the room. I think if anyone out there is considering using wall paper border for any of their decor projects, they need to have a serious intervention.  Just don’t do it. It looks cute now (or so you think), but think about the person you’re committing to wallpaper decor hell. They’re the ones who either have to live with that awful room or spend hours removing it. And it could be you!  Just like Oscar said, either that wallpaper goes, or I do.

That’s my fix up to-do list up on my chalk board. I need to include “put the bikes in the shed” up there. /cry

And now, scenes from the window! Happy drizzly snow day!

Ha! Those coneflowers are so dead.

I really should put that umbrella away.

I really should put my Hallowe’en decorations away.

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