Inktober 2015

I took on the Inktober challenge this year!

I will be posting regular updates to Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter, if you’re up for following.

I don’t have a lot of time in the day to work on any projects, let alone take on a daily challenge. But I figure, this is why it’s a challenge. I’m committed to creating one ink drawing a day, no matter how crap it is. I’ve been digitally drawing so long, this is an interesting change.

Inktober Day 1 - Harley Quinn
Inktober Day 1 – Harley Quinn
Inktober Day 2 – Starbuck / Kara Thrace


Inktober Day 3 - The Wasp
Inktober Day 3 – The Wasp



inktober day 4 gogo yubari
Inktober Day 4 – Gogo Yubari


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