Inktober 2017 – Week One

Inktober 2017 is looking amazing this year, with over a million posts shared so far according to the founder of the challenge, Jake Parker.  I’m glad to be participating this year.

As I’ve said before, Inktober gives me an excuse to break out of digital art for a month and use traditional tools like pencils, paper and ink.  In 2015, when I last participated, I had a small sketch book, a few micron pens and would just draw fan art on the couch.

Then it was a way to practice drawing on paper again, and draw every day. I got sick almost half way through the month so I wasn’t able to complete it, unfortunately.  This year, I was ready to go all in.

A trip to Curry’s to pick up some drawing tools and a couple of sketchbooks.

Last weekend, unfortunately, I received news that an old friend of mine had passed away.  I found out on the same night I had purchased new pens and a sketchbook for the challenge.  Something like this naturally throws everything off balance.   When it came to Sunday, I was so preoccupied with it all,  I wasn’t sure if I could just start drawing. It seemed inappropriate, and most of all, my heart wasn’t in it. My friend was a wonderful artist and an awesome person, and knowing he had gone, left me with kind of an indescribable emotion which was most parts sad, and some parts strange. Sometimes you take advantage of knowing that some things would be constant.

I started drawing anyway. I felt like I had to. I made this promise to myself to do this.  I had a vague plan of incorporating the official Inktober prompts with fan art, but in the face of what happened, that seemed so meaningless now.  So I thought of things my friend would like and that’s how I found my theme for this month.

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If there’s an afterlife, I hope he’s at peace, hanging out and digging my drawings. If he’s up there, he knows what it’s all about. Thank you for inspiring me, Mike.

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